Study Tips

  • Make Your 2019 JLPT Plan

    Registration for the Summer JLPT starts March 22, 2019. Don’t forget to register. If you aren’t studying yet, now is the time to build your training plan. Be sure to […]

  • Passive Japanese Learning is a Myth

    I am not referring to the term “passive learning” as it is used in instructional design or educational theory. Rather, I am referring to the many claims on Japanese-learning message […]

  • Is the JLPT Worth It?

    One widely-spoken untruth about the JLPT is how useless it is in the real world. As a blanket statement, it reminds me of how, in my 20’s, everyone told me […]

  • Improving your Japanese: Tweak your Podcast Settings

    Just a quick tip: Podcasts are great for news and entertainment, but if you want to make the most of our little endeavor, I recommend making a tweak to how […]

  • JLPT Grammar Study Tips

    Having taken the N2 and the N1 multiple times each, I am pretty familiar with the test structure. It’s helpful to think of the JLPT as a basically a Reading […]