Improving your Japanese: Tweak your Podcast Settings

Just a quick tip: Podcasts are great for news and entertainment, but if you want to make the most of our little endeavor, I recommend making a tweak to how you get these podcasts. Most podcast apps are configured on the assumption the listener will listen to any podcast a single time. Don’t let this assumption prevent you doing some repetitive study.

You can change your global settings to not mark a podcast as listened to, and keep them out of the queue to be deleted. But what you really want to do is just override the setting for podcasts like ours, where you do want to repeat it.

You can change the settings a few ways. Our podcasts are short, so you can opt to never delete them. Or you can delete them after a week, which is generally how often we put a new one out. Really you should pick a schedule that works with your study goals. Pick something aggressive, but achievable, and sets you up for success. If you are shadowing, listening once won’t improve your Japanese much. But doing it every day for a week should make a difference in your pronunciation. And you will probably remember and be able to recall some of what you are practicing. Don’t let the pods fly in and out of your app and mind.

I use Podcast Addict, and this functionality is available on other apps I have seen. It might take some tweaking to get it right, but it is worth it. Feel free to comment if you have an app you can’t figure out, and I can take a stab at it.

Also, comments and reviews in iTunes and elsewhere really help. Don’t worry about Patreon, unless what we are offering is appealing to you. But getting the word out helps keep our team motivated. They are all amazed about the success thus far.

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