JLPT N4 podcasts coming

We are finishing up the “grammar insertion” process for the N4 podcasts, which will soon be available for your listening improvement and pleasure. It’s a male character, as a few people have inquired if all the pods were going to be female. In short, that wasn’t the intention, it was more a function of finding someone outside our little group to do the recording. We want to mix it up.

Speaking of mixing it up, we decided early on to release one feed for all levels, rather than one per level. We aren’t married to this idea, but as we are learning the ropes, it seemed very complicated to start our first podcast by creating five podcasts. These pods are meant to be short to help listeners keep focused, so we figured even an N5 level beginner might get something out of listening to something over their level. Or they could skip it. For now, we will focus on the content, and tweak the tech as we go. It’s probably better I spend more time getting good audio levels, etc.

Stay tuned for another release this week. As always, thanks for listening. Subscribe and comment if you like our work.