Make Your 2019 JLPT Plan

You, nailing every question.

Registration for the Summer JLPT starts March 22, 2019. Don’t forget to register. If you aren’t studying yet, now is the time to build your training plan. Be sure to include a mix of different study materials that cover listening, grammar, kanji and reading.

One of the reasons we created this podcast was to check multiple boxes above. You can listen to short recordings and hear the grammar. You can follow along with the transcript in Japanese, and confirm your understanding with the English translation. Most study materials we have seen do these separately, and the text is rather academic. Hopefully, you can listen to and enjoy our pods over and over, until they become part of the vocabulary you can actually use in conversations.

Finally, you can use our pods not just for study, but for improving your pronunciation. One of the most vexing feelings is when you say something grammatically correct, but are still not understood because your Western pronunciation coming out of your piehole doesn’t match the smooth Japanese flow you hear inside your head. Speaking isn’t on the test, but is quite important in the real world. Sometimes more important than using some obscure word or grammar point.

Build a solid 360 degree plan. Be sure to time yourself taking practice tests. And listen to our podcast relentlessly!

Oh, leave a review on iTunes or wherever you can. It matters! Good luck!

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  1. Made a plan recently for the December exam, and the podcast is featuring heavily! It’s a nice change from all the Genki book recordings. Hope you guys have a nice ‘summer’ break 🙂

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