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海外旅行?国内旅行?- JLPT N4




International or Domestic Travel

I work for a travel agency, so I can book inexpensive airline tickets and hotels. Before my child was born, my wife and I travelled overseas to several different countries. Our last trip was to Bintan Island near Singapore. We stayed at a hotel recommended by my colleague. The hotel was near the ocean and we had a beautiful view. It was wonderful. We laid on the beach and drank at the bar. We can’t do that now because we have children. It’s hard to just jump on an airplane and go somewhere.

Last year, we flew back to my hometown in Hiroshima. It was my daughter’s first time on a plane and she just could not sit quietly. I am sure we bothered everyone around us. I am going to take the shinkansen next time. Before my children was born, I preferred traveling abroad rather than domestic travel. But now I’m also enjoying travelling in Japan. There are many places I have never been to. I am trying to visit all 47 prefectures in Japan before my kids grows up.

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    1. Ha, yes. Hey, no one said we were geographers. I actually have been to Bintan, and didn’t notice the error. I think maybe it’s a common destination and easy to forget they are different countries. Thanks for the comment!


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