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週末は家族サービス – JLPT N4




Weekends are for Family Service

Work is always busy. However, I try to take my family somewhere once a month on weekends. If I lie around at home on weekends, my wife gets irritated. Usually, we will drive somewhere. Taking the car is more convenient with a small child because we have lots of luggage. We went to see autumn leaves in Nikko last month. On the way to Nikko, the road was congested, and it took almost 4 hours. My wife has a driver’s license, but no real driving experience. Therefore, driving is always my job. I like to drive.

Nikko was beautiful. Looking at the turning leaves of red and yellow, my kids also agreed and said they were beautiful. We all took pictures and ate delicious food. My work is hard. But when I go out with family, I de-stress. As much as possible, I like going on these trips.

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