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My Favorite Beauty Salon – JLPT-N3

Tokyo has as many beauty salons as stars in the sky. When searching for a salon, most people use a site called Hot Pepper Beauty. It took me a long time to find my favorite. I’d search for one that looked good on Hot Pepper, make an appointment, and then actually go. After nearly 10 salons, I finally found a hairdresser who cuts my hair really well, so that’s where I go now. I go once every two months. I get a perm or color, so it takes 3 or 4 hours. When I’m tired, I sometimes get a hair treatment with aroma massage. The hairdresser in charge is a guy, but he is fashionable and a great conversationalist. Even if I can’t explain exactly what I want to have him do, he always gives me a hairstyle I like.

It takes a while to get a perm. Because I have to wait with perm liquid, color, and curlers on my hair, my head gets heavy and it wears me out. I usually read magazines while I wait. There are a lot of magazines for OLs, so I don’t get bored.

I really enjoy the time I spend at beauty salons and nail salons. My friends tell me it’s only while I am single and living at home that that I can spend so much money on myself. Sure, I have always lived at home, but it’s not like I use all my salary. At any rate, I pay my parents for my living expenses and also put some in savings.

What will happen after marriage? Even if I do get married, we will be a working couple, so it won’t be much different than now.

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