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Go-kon guys

Dear Mio,

It’s been forever! How are you? I’m fine. Actually, three months ago, I broke up with my boyfriend. He didn’t want to break up, but he was so childish, I couldn’t deal with it. So, I recently have gone to single’s drinking outings. At first, I was so shy, I often left barely saying a word, but I seem to have gotten used to them. I do not want to “get used” to these events, you know?

The girls I go with came up with the “go-kon rules.”. If there are handsome guys and we think that the go-kon will go well, we order Cassis Orange as our first drink. On the other hand, if we think things are not looking good, we order draft beer. Funny, huh?

I rarely order Cassis Orange. There are roughly three kinds of men at these things. The first type is the guy who only talk about himself. Even though no one asks, they boast about their car, working at a famous company, their rich parents, and so on.

The second type is the “no-ambition guy.” He always starts with, “I didn’t want to come this sort of thing, my friends made me.” They don’t need to come if they don’t want to, yet there they are. Even if I ask them something, they reply, “Nothing” or “Whatever”. But even though they say they didn’t want to come, they always ask for my number.

The third type are otaku. While everyone is talking happily, they talk barely communicate in a tiny little voice. But when they talk about their hobbies, they become loud and keep muttering to themselves. So strange, you know?

I wonder why there are no normal men. Anyway, by some chance I might meet my dream guy, so I won’t give up.

I want to see you, Mio-chan. Let’s go to out for a meal. I will message you again.


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