一人旅 – JLPT N2






Traveling alone

I will be 36 years old in January. On my 35th birthday, I took a paid vacation and went to Paris. Is it already a year since then? How time flies. Where did I go there the previous year? Oh, two years ago, I got the flu and I slept so much that I never considered traveling.

I love traveling abroad. I usually go alone. If I were to be invited on a trip, it’s not like I wouldn’t go, but I think going alone is comfortable. Every time I bring the souvenirs back from a trip to where I work, my co-workers say, “You went alone again? I can’t believe it!” Isn’t it normal these days? I often run into other solo travellers. Especially when I go to big cities, there are so many people that no one cares if I am alone. When I go to a restaurant or a store, the clerk often becomes my chat partner when they find that I came alone. When I am alone, there is no one but me to say what I want, so I have to talk. Solo trips create many opportunities to talk with local people.

Visiting the Louvre was particularly nice last year. I saw lots of people wearing berets, drawing pictures. The clerks were nice to me, despite my poor French. I made it back home safely without any problem.

I’ve been thinking about what to do for my 36th birthday. Maybe go somewhere in Japan? If I go abroad, Greece would be nice, but what language do Greeks speak?

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