日本のクリスマスは苦手 – JLPT N2


サンタクロースなんて、誰も信じていないくせに、みんな浮かれていてバカみたい。私もサンタさんを信じていたことがあったんだっけ?この時期に町に出ると、人が多すぎるせいで、すごく疲れる。この前なんて、手袋を買おうとデパートに行ったら、お店の人に 「大切な方へのプレゼントですか」って聞かれた。この時期にはデパートで自分のためになにか買っちゃダメなわけ?って思って頭にきた。レストランもカップルだらけでいつもより混雑している。



I can’t do Japanese Christmas

I don’t care for Christmas in Japan. It’s originally meant to celebrate the birth of Jesus, but for some reason, in Japan, it’s recognized as a day you spend with your significant other. Same goes for Halloween, which is becoming a day for adults to dress up in ridiculous costumes and party.

As for Santa, no one believes in him, but that doesn’t stop people from going overboard and looking like asses. Was there ever a time I believed in Santa? But going out during the Christmas season, because the crowds are so huge, it wears me out. I was just at a department store buying gloves, and I was asked by the salesperson, “Are these for someone important?” It pisses me off that it seems it’s forbidden to buy something for yourself this time of year. Every restaurant is so packed with couples, they are even more packed than normal.

On the good side, at stores all around, there are things for sale that are only available around Christmas, so I guess it’s nice I can treat myself. At the same time, I can get treats to give to the cats. This Christmas Eve, maybe I’ll have a glass of Veuve. That and some Christmas KFC sounds like a surprisingly good pairing. Actually, somehow I think I am going to have a good time after all.

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