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My Place at Work

I’ve been working at a real estate company for 13 years. I can’t say I am very interested in real estate, but somehow it’s been 13 years, and here I am. During that time, I married, and within a few years, divorced a coworker. We both still work at the same company. Much to my surprise, he recently remarried another co-worker. How normal is that, to find your both your first and second wife at work?

Oh, she is also 10 years younger than him. Whenever I run into her she bows and says, “Good morning, senpai!,” with a big grin. If I could, I would rather not say anything. But she is the one greeting me, so regardless of how I feel, I have to respond in kind. She isn’t someone you would call very sharp. Men, they don’t seem to care much for smart women. When other coworkers see her greeting me as if she doesn’t know I’m the ex, they always ask worriedly, “Are you OK?” They must think I am pretty pathetic.

I am the only woman over 35 at my company who isn’t married. When I was first divorced, coworkers were lined up to introduce me to men, but I because I always turned them all down, they don’t bother anymore. Actually, it’s a relief they gave up.

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  1. I’ve recenly discovered this site and it’s great! Thank you for your great work. I’m sure that I’ll visit you often.

    In this episode, there is lack of English translation for these two sentences, though:

  2. Hello,
    I think there is a mistake in the translation. The sentence in question is

    Oh, she is also 10 years younger than *me* → I think it should be younger than *him* because 「彼より」→ ちなみに新しい奥さんは彼より10歳年下だ。

    Thank you for these episodes, found the site yesterday through Tofugu. 😀

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