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At the Nail Salon – JLPT N3

I came to Aoyama after work today. It’s my first visit to the nail salon in a month. I wasn’t very happy with my last visit, but I’ve made an appointment with someone good this time, so I think I will be satisfied. Recently, gel nails are common in salons. I love the shine of gel nails and the cute colors.

The nail salon I go to starts with a simple hand massage. Then they trim the nails. After that, they completely remove the old gel. As they remove the gel, I really don’t like the scraping feeling.

Next, they apply the nail polish. I have only one or two nails done with sparkling stones and glitter; the rest is simple. I work at a company, and if I make it too flashy, I’m worried about distracting people.

I usually search the net myself for the design and show it to the salon. I think it’s best to decide on the nail design ahead of time. I often change the design according to the season. For example, I’ll do an image of cherry blossoms in the spring and go with an ocean-y feel in the summer. There are also samples in the shop, and sometimes I’ll change my order to one of the sample design. It’s fun to see the nail designs. How are they so good using such small stones, or drawing tiny ribbons and flowers?

Once the design is complete, they shine a special light on the nails to harden the polish. In the meantime, I chat with the staff and watch TV. After that completes, they apply moisturizing oil to finish. It takes about an hour in total, but the time flies by. At the salon I go to, they take a picture of the nails and put them on Instagram. I like when someone “likes” my nail photo.

Also, this salon offers eyelash extensions as well as nails. It seems that there are quite a few people who get extensions along with getting their nails done.

This time, veteran staff helped me, so my nails came out like I has hoped. I am very satisfied!

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