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Today’s Nail Salon Visit: Two Stars

Once a month, I like to treat myself. I go to the nail salon. My nail salon is in Aoyama. It’s pricey, but the reason I go to ritzy Aoyama is because I love the atmosphere. Almost all nail technicians are woman my age. So I feel like I can relax and put my trust in their hands. Yesterday, I went to the nail salon for the first time in a month. Since it was Friday, it was crowded. They made me wait a while. Anyway, I like flipping through the magazines and picking out designs I like, so I don’t get bored, even while waiting a while. This time I chose a pretty girlish design.

The person assigned to me didn’t seem to have much experience. She did her best, but she wasn’t very good. I was disappointed, as it didn’t look like the design I expected. She smiled and asked, “How do you like it?” Of course, I blurted, “It’s nice! Thank you!” But the more I look at my nails, the less cute the look. So, when I got home, I decided to leave a comment on a review site. “I made a reservation, but I was kept waiting quite a while. And unfortunately, the skill level differs greatly, depending on who does your nails.” I was irritated, but I felt relieved after leaving the review. I hope my nails get done by someone better next time.

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