怖い先輩 – JLPT N3





Nasty Senpai

I’ve worked at the same company since I graduated from college. I work with money in my role. So, I can’t make mistakes, and the pressure really wears me out. My section’s manager is nice, but my senpai is so strict it stresses me out to no end. She complains about petty things like the number of times I go to the bathroom and the time I get to the office. Even though I come 10 minutes early, like I am supposed to, she says that newcomers should come earlier. I am no longer a newcomer, so why should I come so early? I think because she’s almost 40 and I am in my 20’s, she’s especially hard on me. I don’t want to be like that when I am 40.

Lunch is the most enjoyable time for me. I always eat with my close friend. She joined the company the same year as I did. We usually bring handmade bento from home. Even though I say it’s handmade, it’s really simple. Chatting and sharing our bento is my stress-relief therapy. But soon, she is getting married and will quit the company. When she gone, I will be eating lunch by myself. It’s such an outdated way of thinking to quit the company once you get married, but I can’t tell her that. Instead of my friend, I wish my senpai would get married and quit the company. Or, what if I found a rich husband?

Oh, crap. Senpai’s watching me…. That’s all for today!

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