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日本の飲み会 – JLPT N4





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Nomikai – JLPT N4

After work, sometimes there is a nomikai with my boss and coworkers. I tell everyone before the nomikai that I’m going to go home before everyone else because I have a small child. Then it’s easier to leave early. When I first joined the company, I was expected to go to a second and third place to drink afterwards. But now society is completely changing. I hear phrases like “power harassment” and “alcohol harassment.” They say it’s bad for a boss to use his authority to force his subordinates to drink. Well, my company’s environment was never that bad. It’s hard on my wife if I get home too late, and I’m also not as young and strong as I used to be, so I try to go home after about 2 hours.

When we get together for a nomikai, first we order beer. Recently, many order draft beer, but our company gets it by the bottle. Then we pour into each other’s glasses. Did you know that when you pour beer, you have to position the label, “Asahi” or “Kirin” on top? And if someone is pouring for you, you hold the cup with both hands. At first, I didn’t know that, and I was lectured by my boss. Now, if you scold someone below you for this, you might be accused of “Power Harassment.” When everyone has finished pouring, we toast. No matter how thirsty you are, you don’t drink before the toast.

If your boss smokes, you smoke after he does. Although we are all very close, we respect these minute rules. We sometimes drink with clients, so I patiently teach these customs to my subordinates. I’m a lightweight, so I can’t drink but two or three glasses. Everyone is pouring another before mine is empty. I always leave my glass more than half-full because I won’t make it home if I drink too much. Once in a while, I get carried away and get drunk, and I forget when it’s time to go home. If I get home late, I’ll buy a cake at a convenience store for my wife. My wife is angry, but the cake makes things a little better.

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