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Our Section Manager – JLPT N3

Recently, the section manager assigned to our team seems a little strange. He mutters to himself, then will suddenly yell at us. Our previous section manager was nice, so now, work has become difficult. Our work hours are set from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. We have a morning meeting at 9:00 and then work begins. I get to my seat about 5 minutes before work starts: that’s to say 8:55; but the section manager said this at the last morning meeting:

“‘The early bird gets the worm.’ To improve our work efficiency, we should arrive earlier in the morning. Starting next week, whenever possible, let’s get to work by 8 o’clock and get down to business.”

We were surprised the manager would say such a thing. Everyone quietly complained, “No way.” “How about he just do it himself.” I have low blood pressure in the morning, so for me it’s like torture to get to work at 8:00. The section manager boomed, “This is the decision,” and ended the morning meeting. Everyone talked about it at lunchtime. Just then, as our department manager passed by, a senior employee spoke. “Do you have a second? Actually, this morning, our section manager told us that we should get to work by 8 o’clock starting next week. Did you know this?” Upon hearing this, the general manager said “No, I didn’t know. It’s my first time hearing about it. I’ll check it out.”

That evening, the general manager emailed us. “Our company’s start time is 9 o’clock, so we will continue to get to work in time to start by 9.” After that, the section manager never brought up the issue again. I have a feeling this manager is going to be problematic.

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