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満員電車 – JLPT N4




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The Packed Train – JLPT 4

Tokyo’s packed trains are world-famous. All over Saitama prefecture, it starts getting crowded around 7 AM. As the trains stop at each station, passengers pour in. Most people don’t get off until we reach downtown. So passengers are all crammed against each other. Since it looks like sushi in packed in a bento, we call it “sushizume joutai” (packed like sardines). What’s more is that many people are annoyed in the morning, because they are hurrying to work. In spite of the rush, we hear, “An item was found on the platform” or “The emergency button has been pushed” being steadily announced. In the morning, trains are likely to be delayed. Inside the jam-packed train, you will occasionally hear someone huff, “Not again!?” Passengers watch movies on their smartphones, listen to music, or read. I often read my Kindle. I think people have become more patient when trains are delayed, compared to the past. Now that we have smartphones, waiting isn’t so bad. When I was a kid, there were adults getting angry or fighting with the station staff. When I first came to Tokyo, I felt irritated with people’s faces so close to mine or when my foot was stepped on, but now I don’t really care.    

I can see the Skytree from the window of the train I ride. The lighted tower looks beautiful at night. Also, sometimes I get a seat and can sit down. On the way to my office in Shibuya, I’ll accidentally fall asleep, if I am sitting. It’s so unexpectedly calming to sleep on the train, I’ve missed my stop, so I set my smartphone alarm. Anyway, trains are packed, always running behind, and a real pain, so I try to leave my house earlier.    

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