Daisuke Head Shot

僕は日本のサラリーマン – JLPT N4






I graduated from college ten years ago and got a job at a travel agency. I am from Hiroshima and my company is in Shibuya, Tokyo. So, I moved to a company house near my office for work. Getting used to the job initially wasn’t easy. Luckily, I had found a girlfriend quickly. Since she also just started working, we supported each other while we worked like crazy. After five years, we got married. We moved into my place and we began our life together.

About two years later, we had a child. Our house was too small, so we decided to buy a condominium. After much fretting about where to live, we bought a condominium in Soka City, Saitama. We chose Soka because its close to my wife’s family and the land wasn’t too expensive. To be honest, I wanted to live near my company, but I couldn’t do it with my salary. Soka is convenient because of the many buses and trains that stop there, but it takes an hour from my house to work on the train. I have to arrive at my office by 9 o’clock, so I leave home around 7:30 in the morning.

If customers have problems while traveling, we have to work overtime. Recently, we had a major issue when a volcano erupted in another country. I got a lot of calls from customers traveling there. The all cried, “Change the hotel” or “I want a different city.” Although it was night in Japan, it was daytime the there, so I had to deal with the customers on the phone that whole time. So, I slept on the company sofa that night. Since sometimes that happens, I keep a clean shirt and toothbrush at work. Although the work is hard, I have my house loan and school bills for my child. That’s just the life of a Japanese salaryman, right?

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