Season Two Kickoff & Ayano

Thanks for you patience, all. We are excited to start our new season with Ayano and an N3 podcast which brings her back to the nail salon where she had a pretty crappy manicure last time. I wonder how it will go?

I also wanted to introduce you to the voice of Ayano. It’s been great getting to know Keiko, and as this self-intro pod describes, she has some pretty amazing adventures both in the past and coming up. Please feel free to give her a send-off in the comments.

Also, Season 2 will have a premium feed at patreon.com/jlptstories. Each episode will have a separate episode with a lesson and more examples. It’s in Japanese (cause it’s harder!) and should be helpful to listeners at any level. You can also leave comments and ask questions about the lesson there. Any amount over $1 per month gets you the lesson. Enjoy and get busy!

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