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The Suspicious Call – JLPT N3

Since last week, strange phone calls have been coming in at work. I’ve picked these calls up two or three times, and when I answer the phone, the person just says, “Is Yamada-san there? Can you put him on?” Yamada-san is a section manager. When calling a company, you usually say, “Thank you for your support. My name is Suzuki from X company. Is Section Manager Yamada available?” But this caller is quite rude. When I took the call, it was his first time calling. I said to the section manager, “Section manager, a man is calling for you.” When he took the phone and started talking, he nervously turned his back to us to keep us from hearing, and quietly talked to the person on the other line. From then on, when we get similar calls, he tells us, “Say I’m not here” and pretends he is out. Yesterday I got three of these calls. All three times I said, “The section manager is out now” and hung up. During yesterday’s lunch break, it got brought up. “That caller sure seems suspicious, doesn’t he?” “Isn’t it strange?” “Maybe he is in debt?” we all nervously thought.

So today, for some reason, the section manager took time off. The reason he gave was poor health. But in the morning, the call came from the same suspicious man, and the senpai who took the call said, “The section manager is out due to poor health.” The man said “Poor health? I wonder when he will pay off his debts, this Section Manager?” “Oh, no! He really does seem to be in debt!” the senpai cried, as soon as he hung up. The general manager listened to the news and said, “Ugh, This is bad. I’ll call Yamada-kun.”

I have no idea what will happen. The section manager seems to have debts he can’t repay. And because of this, he may be out of here soon, so while it’s bad for the section manager, I’m a bit relieved.

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