5 thoughts on “Update”

  1. Hi! First, thank you for creating this great content! I really enjoyed the episodes and I think their length is very good, it was challenging but not too exhausting to follow along and to keep the content in memory to check with the text later. I only listened to N5 and N4 content though, so I can only give feedback on them. I liked that even the N5 podcast is at a normal conversational speed, so you really have to learn to parse the speech signal accordingly. The one thing that I did not like was the length of the intro, but you seem to have heard about that more than enough.
    This is my first foray into podcasts and I don’t know too much about organizing and importing them into whatever software, but I think something is wrong with the earlier episodes up to and including April 5th. They are not imported into Castro, which is what I am using, but also not into iTunes or Stitcher. It works with Spotify and on the website, but it would be great if you could check out why it does not work with the others.
    Thank you and I’m looking forward to the new episodes!

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